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Si Morgan

‘There are no rules for good photographs, there are only good photographs’ – Ansel Adams


My Story

Hello! My name is Simon Morgan and I am a photographer from Newport, Wales, UK. I have worked at many events all over the UK since 2007. I am experienced and I am able to encourage anyone I am photographing to feel relaxed; which ultimately leads to the best photos!

I am friendly and very chatty and I aim to shoot for ‘candid’ photos : I like to shoot from afar to produce more natural outcomes. This is hopefully reflected in the editing and final product.

I have been featured in The Guardian, London Lite,Practical Photoshop Magazine, TNT, Tap the Feed, Bristol in Sound, and Midlands Metalheads Radio along with many others.

Have a look at the photos here, get in touch and tell me what you think. I will stop talking now as I like to let the photographs speak for themselves.

In addition to being a photographer, I am a Radio DJ, pharmacist and ex competitive swimmer. I play piano at Grade 8 standard.

Contact me by email:

With love,

Contact Information

Twitter: @mediaembargo

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